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Massage Therapists in Atlanta

Amiee Woods, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“I provide optimum care for clients ranging from pain relief to relaxation. Whether it is adjusting the pressure or choosing a specific technique, whole body care is achieved.
(678) 710-3119
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
Ninlil's Healing, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“To embrace any holistic therapy one must approach it with an open mind and open heart, allowing natural healing to fully soak into your body. Every therapy I offer is totally private and is made to benefit your specific needs. We grow each day and life may distract us from taking care of ourselves, so my goal is to remind each person that the first step to healing is to focus on ones self.
(404) 334-2546
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Safiyah's Massage & Rehab, LLC (SMART), Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“Our ideal client ranges from the sedentary person to the professional athlete! If you are experiencing pain, injuries and major discomfort, try massage therapy as your first line of defense in the fight against pain and prolonged injury.
(404) 620-5272 x9288
Atlanta, Georgia 30363
Lisa Iacofano, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“Experience a more effective and relaxing whole body massage which integrates long flowing, gliding, strokes, but with the heavy compression of deep-tissue. Being results driven, Lisa enjoys working with clients to relieve specific orthopedic/sports/stress related issues as well as working with clients who desire the benefits of regular bodywork. With an intuitive touch and therapeutic technique, her primary goal is assisting client's body awareness for optimal integration of health and well-being.
(678) 809-6687
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
Rest, Relax & Rewind Massage Therapy Services, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“I am a Licensed Massage Therapist who with a combination of aromatherapy, hot stones and hot towels along with the massage technique of your choice we will get you feeling your best. Whether you have a sports injury, fatigue, stress, trouble sleeping, an area or muscle that is bothering you or if you are just looking for complete relaxation I can assist you. I am certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre-natal, Swe-Thai, Thai, NMT, Lymphatic drainage and chair massage. I have over 250 satisfied clients in the Atlanta area as well as working on movie sets.
(678) 562-1005
Atlanta, Georgia 30347
Jeanne Daniels, NMT, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“My practice is focused on meeting the individual needs of each client. Throughout my practice, I have continued to learn different bodywork techniques which can be integrated to achieve the health goals of my client. These goals can range from relaxation and stress relief to injury and pain relief and massage for cancer patients. I believe that providing a secure, confidential environment and working with each client as an individual is the basis for effective, individualized therapeutic massage. The highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards are always applied in serving clients.
(404) 994-6694
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
Ohm Thai Yoga Wellness Center, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“With over ten years in the Yoga, Massage, Bodywork and Fitness industry, I have garnered quite a bit of knowledge and experience in my techniques which have helped my clients over the years with lessening the pain in their bodies. I specialize in Thai Massage, which is some what similar to Sports Massage. My clientele ranges from athletes such as golfers, basket ball and tennis players, bikers, runners, busy office professionals who sit at their desks all day, stay at home moms or even elderly folks. Give me a call today to get started on the best treatment option that best suits your needs!
(404) 620-3145
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
Northside Myofascial Release, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“Myofascial Release (MFR) is an amazing, very DEEP yet gentle technique that releases pain in a way other types of massage simply cannot. Instead of being a 'quick fix' causing muscles to temporarily relax, MFR will affect deep, profound change in the muscular fascia (connective tissue). Over a series of sessions, treated areas are often completely healed. Pain and soreness from old scar tissue, post-operative scar tissue, auto/work/sports accidents, fibromyalgia, sciatic problems, neck and back issues, exercise soreness, carpel tunnel, postural problems, and chronic stress are best treated with MFR.
(770) 913-6764
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
Sam Craw, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“My mission is to bring a kind of therapeutic massage to clients that encompasses their individual concerns and is effective yet comforting in its delivery. I welcome any challenge your acute or chronic issues may pose to my skills and knowledge as a therapist and pledge to do my best to meet them with the best personalized care available within my scope. Together, we will develop a therapeutic plan, including healthy habits (i.e., stretching routines, ergonomic work/exercise/sleep posturing, home therapies and exercises) that will supplement your sessions and ensure a quick and long-lasting response to treatment.
(706) 229-4628
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
Turn 2 Massage, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“Turn 2 Massage is Atlanta's mobile massage and chair massage experts. Corporate and residential.
(404) 334-2503
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
The Wellness Sanctuary, Inc, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“SPRING SPECIAL!!!! (1 HOUR SESSIONS $45) The Wellness Sanctuary Inc. is a place where one can come to break free of Musculoskeletal pain. We are very knowledgeable and client focused Therapists who understand the need for "Sanctuary." We would like to assist you on your journey to feel better. Lymphatic Drainage, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Pain Management etc. Take a look at our website to view our package deals on *LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE*!
(678) 929-4810
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Lovelace Linares, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“Pain has a way of taking away your freedom - your freedom of movement, freedom to think clearly, freedom to live the way you want. My approach is holistic in nature and informed by clinical reasoning. I address pain and dysfunctional tension patterns while immersing you in a sea of artful, nurturing touch. If you are in pain or are seeking optimal performance, I bring a clinical perspective and 13 years of practice to help meet your goals. If you want to relax and reconnect with yourself, my artistic spirit will compose a symphony of nurturing touch to take you there.
(404) 620-4381
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
Shakira Jackson, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
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Massage Therapist, LMT, NMT, NCTMB
“Each massage session is individualized according to your specific therapeutic needs. I implement deep tissue, myofascial, NMT techniques in my clients sessions. These techniques are beneficial for stress reduction and rehabilitation. Sessions are available by appointment. I also provide facials, ionic foot detox, and on-site corporate chair massage.
(404) 369-3955
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
William W Mount, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“"I am dedicated to enhancing your active lifestyle through wellness and pain free activities." I have enjoyed making people of all kinds feel better through therapeutic massage since 1996. After a life time of playing sports (mostly soccer and distance running), I've always had a passion for increasing my own peak performance. One of the best feelings in my profession is exceeding someones expectations by pulling them out of pain in a timely matter.
(404) 620-4926
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
Dedric Carroll, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
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Massage Therapist, LMT, CMT, CNMT
“Mention this ad, receive 20% off of your first visit. You're here because you're seeking relief with massage therapy. Most of my clients have sought me to help them with a particular condition. Let me tell you what sets me a part from other therapists and how I can help you. I am a Research Therapist with Emory University studying the effects of massage on various conditions. Researching the effects of massage offers an insight to massage that is unique and rare and therapists simply don't posses. This lends great contribution to my approach to massage therapy.
(404) 994-3354
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
Julie-Watson D Mills, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“If you believe in the body healing itself with a little guidance, then my skills will assist you in your journey. I take an integrated approach to therapy. A customized treatment plan will be developed to address your specific needs. If you are a current or post cancer treatment patient, post surgery, or experiencing chronic pain, I invite you to call Body of Health and start your road to recovery. I specialize in Lymphatic Drainage,Craniosacral therapy, scar treatment, cancer massage, detoxification and pain management. My wellness therapies include deep tissue, swedish, myofascial release and neuromuscular thereapy.
(678) 658-0924
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Lavender Chi Massage, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“Acupressure Points Massage is a unique method of treatment. Used for thousands of years in China, Acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure.The bio-energy flows along 12 main meridians or Channel. It's the stimulation of specific points on the body for pain relief releases muscular tension, increases circulation, tone facial and back muscles, removed the stagnant Qi. Massage Cupping Therapy (Facelift & Lymphatic drainage) Benefit: Massage Cupping can instantly release rigid soft tissue; drain excess fluids and toxins; loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue; and bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.
(404) 620-4874
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tri Bodyworks, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“We promise not to be a run of the mill massage place that you walk out of thinking "I wasted my money on that". If you are looking for a quality massage combining experienced therapeutic knowledge and a massage tailor made just for you, you have found the right place. The goal of Tri Bodyworks is to re-define the massage experience and help our clients achieve the highest level of stress reduction and pain relief.
(678) 535-3164
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30356
Heart Center Bodywork LLC, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“The spectrum of the services that I provide range from clinical to subtle energy work. My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science Education, a Massage and Bodywork National Certification, and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. My passion is to do bodywork and massage. I am fascinated with the human body and greatly enjoy addressing the needs of my clients, as they present themselves, and getting results that promote health, wellness, healing, and to have the skills and knowledge to do so in a way that is effective, efficient, and straight from the heart.
(404) 862-8915
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30356
Giselle Toran Of The Stress Break, Massage Therapist  in Atlanta
“Whether you just want to relax or in need of targeted massage therapy for a tension headache, sore and achy muscles from a workout, back or neck pain from an accident or overuse injury, I can help you feel better right away. Personable, Professional and 28 years of experience come with every massage session. Suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia? I can help relieve your discomfort with a customized session geared directly to your needs. Tummy tuck, liposuction or facelift? The lymphatic massage cupping service I offer will help reduce your swelling for quicker healing and scar reduction.
(678) 932-8936
Office is near:
Atlanta, Georgia 30319

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Who can practice massage in Atlanta?
Most states have licensing requirements that must be met before a practitioner (a 'masseuse' or 'masseur') can use the title 'Massage Therapist', and some states require a license to practice any form of massage. Licensed Massage Therapists in Atlanta have obtained the highest level of authentication. They must complete academic coursework in anatomy and physiology, as well as on the application of massage and bodywork, business and ethics, and specialized massage techniques. The Atlanta LMT must then pass a certification exam.
What are the benefits of Atlanta massage?
Clients use massage in Atlanta because it relieves pain from muscle aches and sprains, muscle injuries and other causes of pain. It reduces stress and helps clients relax, and can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression by stimulating the release of endorphins and serotonin. Massage therapy in Atlanta can help prevent fibrosis or scar tissue, increase the flow of lymph, and improve sleep. Atlanta massage therapy can help rehabilitate sports injuries.
How does massage work?
Massage involves working and acting on the body using pressure from the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, or feet of the massage therapist. The Atlanta massage therapist focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments, myofacia, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels, or organs of the gastrointestinal system.