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Tui Na Massage Massage Therapists in Los Angeles

Bodywork by Vicky, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“I'm passionate about the Healing Arts and worldly traditions of eastern and western philosophies. I have a holistic approach with my services and offers a unique approach to wellness that encompasses mind body and spirit through diverse healing modalities and practices. And I enjoy assisting my clients with de-stressing, relaxing and bringing their bodies back to its natural balance and alignment.
Tui Na Massage
(424) 285-8981
Los Angeles, California 90064
Lisa Avebury, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
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Massage Therapist, CMT, LMT, NCMT, RYT
“Welcome! I have treated individuals with challenges ranging from stress to sports injuries, post trauma, pre/post surgical as well as chronic dis-ease of the body. I have extensive experience working with the pregnant body. My background includes training in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Vibrational Therapy and Etheric Healing. I have been providing manual therapy, massage & bodywork in Southern California since 1995. State Licensed & Nationally Certified by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, I also am a Certified Yoga Instructor & Meditation Guide. My experience includes working with Doctors of Physical Therapy in an office setting.
Tui Na Massage
(310) 773-5356
Los Angeles, California 90034
Holistic Health Care, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“At Holistic Health Care we assist you to reach your optimum condition. Using various forms of bodywork, aromatherapy and alternative healing we treat the whole person. Mind - Body - Spirit - Environment all interrelate and must be addressed in this manner. Dan, Yuka, & Michelle are here to assist your healing process whether it is a sore shoulder, tweaked back or rheumatism. Using Massage, aromatherapy, energywork, ear candle and many other techniques we are here for you. Often requested modalities are Lymphatic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage. Feather light to Deep you can find it here.
Tui Na Massage
(818) 273-1598
Office is near:
Los Angeles, California 90012
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Anne Grace Sotelo, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“My practices goal is a safe and comfortable environment for pain relief, personal growth, sustainable body realignment, and recovery. I offer preventive, orthopedic and holistic health care. I strive to meet the body on its own terms. Our collaborative work is a process, including attention and service to your feelings, sensations and whole person experience. Integrative Manual Therapy addresses the dynamic anatomical and energetic interrelationships between connective tissues of three different systems: the musculoskeletal, visceral, and craniosacral. By integrating Rolfing, Visceral Manipulation, and Craniosacral Therapy we select a systems approach which results in organizing the body to a higher order.
(310) 405-0238
Los Angeles, California 90066
Courtney Shelburne, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“Courtney's massage training focuses on the body as a whole with the awareness that sections of the human form are interconnected. The pressure she applies is flexible and may range from light, nurturing, gentle and relaxing to deeper, more focused and intense deep tissue. Courtney is successful in relieving headaches, neck and back pain, stress, and chronic tension while creating a space to heal and rejuvinate.
(310) 421-4692
Los Angeles, California 90066
Mirella Villeda, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
Massage Therapist
“Llaremi Healing Touch LMT has set the bar in Los Angeles for professional massage and quality of service for many years. As the saying goes 'practice makes perfect' and our staff has had the time to refine its technique to a finely tuned art. We have specialists in almost all forms of massage therapy who constantly stay up to date on the leading advancements on the field. It is our policy at Llaremi Healing Touch LMT to have our staff get together once every month to refine their techniques by working on each other.
(310) 945-2835
Los Angeles, California 90048
Art San, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“Art San, Master Therapist and an accomplished sports therapist and a functional movement trainer, is recognized and considered to be one of the Best in his profession; a gold standard in the field of sports therapy and natural pain management. So whether you are a Millionaire, an A lister, a World Class Athlete, or a Person who is suffering with acute or chronic pain. Please - I invite you to make an appointment and come over to meet Art San and discover your pain free possibilities, at Sports Massage Extreme. " Let us Elevate Your Game, Beyond...
(424) 277-2377
Los Angeles, California 90014
Tamryn Storm Hawker, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“I specialize in Deep Bodywork and Esalen Massage: These two modalities combined provide for comprehensive access and treatment of both the deeper and superficial musculature. The Esalen style of using an integrating approach to deep tissue methods, rhythmic rocking/ joint mobilizations address the physical holding patterns in the muscles with somatic and personal insight. The approach integrates a range of techniques including the trademark "long flowing strokes." Pauses are taken to emphasize the energetic body, three dimensional touch, stretching, moving the body on the table, & detailed work are coalesced in what can be called a truly unique sensory experience.
(831) 272-0004
Los Angeles, California 90041
Heavenly Mobile Massage, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
Massage Therapist
“As a massage practitioner for 5 years I have fallen more in love and ventured deeper into the art of true healing. I am advanced in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage and created my own Cloud 9 signature massage as well. I also have studied a great number of other modalities as wel such as Esalen and LomiLomi. If you are stooped over a desk, cramped in your car, suffered an injury or are just plain stressed give me a call to set up an appointment or to find out more about my craft. Awaiting your ascension to healing and relaxation. Namaste! Venus
(424) 772-3664
Office is near:
Los Angeles, California 90019
BodyElix, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“BodyElix is the quickest, easiest way to book an in-home massage.
(443) 345-4904
Office is near:
Los Angeles, California 90002
Ronnie Lam, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
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Massage Therapist, DAOM, LAc, LMT
“Dr. Ronnie Lam ,Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and California Certified massage therapist, met many masters from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore who taught him how to integrate Traditional Chinese Massage with different culture therapeutic massage to help patients recover from their stress,tension, pain, acute and chronic disease as soon as possible since 1988.
(310) 494-2732
Office is near:
Los Angeles, California 90001
Julien Alyssa Surguy, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
“Julien is a cheerful, intuitive Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer and Life Coach. Over the past ten years Julien has been a favorite therapist to some of the world’s most discriminating clientele including A-listers, CEOs, rock stars and pro athletes. She considers herself a massage connoisseur and has received massages, energy work and training nationwide and in various countries throughout the world. She likes to bring back her favorite parts and incorporate them into her sessions. My home office is located in Studio City. Or for your convenience, I can come to your home or office.
(310) 736-2688
Office is near:
Los Angeles, California 90001
Zoe Kosovic, Massage Therapist  in Los Angeles
(415) 969-3387
Los Angeles, California 90029
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Tui Na Massage Massage Therapists
Tui na massage has been used in China for 2,000 years. Tui na includes acupressure and massaging soft tissue to restore the flow of qi (energy) through the body. The technique focuses on the meridian system - the body's 12 pathways through which energy flows.

If you're looking for tui na massage in Los Angeles or for a Los Angeles tui na massage therapist, or tui na Los Angeles, these tui na chinese massage therapists in Los Angeles provide massage services. Find tui na massage therapy Los Angeles, a tui na practitioner Los Angeles, or tui na treatment Los Angeles from these professionals. These are also misspelled as tuina massage Los Angeles. These massage tui na Los Angeles practitioners and chinese tui na massage Los Angeles specialists can provide trained massage therapy and bodywork near you.

Who can practice massage in Los Angeles?
Most states have licensing requirements that must be met before a practitioner (a 'masseuse' or 'masseur') can use the title 'Massage Therapist', and some states require a license to practice any form of massage. Licensed Massage Therapists in Los Angeles have obtained the highest level of authentication. They must complete academic coursework in anatomy and physiology, as well as on the application of massage and bodywork, business and ethics, and specialized massage techniques. The Los Angeles LMT must then pass a certification exam.