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Massage Therapists in North Carolina (NC)

Elizabeth Johnson, Massage Therapist  in Apex
“I am excited to be a vital member of the health and wellness field. I have a growing business that has been open for almost 9 months! I am also a Massage Therapist/ Spa Director of Nirvelli Day Spa. I am very dedicated to improving the education of my community, education of the body, mind and soul. Everyday effort made by the patient along with a great wellness program, or plan, can improve their quality of life! I have worked one on one with thousands of clients, many for years, to help them with structural issues, acute and chronic(musculoskeletal).
(919) 249-7452
Apex, North Carolina 27502
Meliora Massage, Massage Therapist  in Belmont
“Due to adverse economic times and financial hardships, many of us cannot afford to go to an expensive spa or sign up for elite memberships for treatment, and quite frankly this is wrong. Health care should be reasonably affordable to those who seek it and people should not be discouraged by their finances when it comes to being pain-free. Massage should become a preventative treatment in ones life, just as going to the gym, eating well, or getting a teeth cleaning all provide routine benefits, I seek to achieve this by providing the highest quality treatment in the area.
(704) 994-8543
Belmont, North Carolina 28012
Brian Loftin, Massage Therapist  in Weaverville
“My intention as I work with people is to bring integrity and dignity back to the field of bodywork. With ten years of experience, I offer deep tissue massage, craniosacral work, and dream work in a way that honors the healing power within each client--never going too deep or beyond the threshold of my client's ability to stay present within their own experiences on the table. Healing happens when we become aware of the truth of our experience. Bodywork is a wonderful way to find this truth, which can and does set us free in our bodies.
(828) 200-6717
Weaverville, North Carolina 28787
Angela L Tollen, Massage Therapist  in Durham
“My goal is to help as many people as I can live a pain free and functional life.Looking at posture helps me see the imbalances and dysfunctions in the body. Posture gives a snapshot of function, dysfunction and compensation. Using massage therapy, I can release the tight muscles, trigger points and relieve nerve compression and entrapment. Using the Egoscue Method, a postural exercise therapy program, I can create a menu of exercises using stretches and gentle exercises designed to treat muscular pains without drugs or surgery. Helps people to regain the functional postural position.
(919) 435-4974
Durham, North Carolina 27705
Results Massage & Bodywork, LLC, Massage Therapist  in Charlotte
“Your body wants to heal itself. It requires help from a professional to find the source of the pain and get on the path to healing. Experience, education and professionalism is what I look for in a massage therapist because those are my strengths. I have had the benefit of an extensive education and enough experience with clients to know what techniques work best. I will listen to your concerns and preferences and work hard to help you get out of pain or just help you to relax and feel better in your own body.
(704) 292-8056
Charlotte, North Carolina 28226
J Tim Cochran, Massage Therapist  in Hendersonville
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Massage Therapist, LMBT, CMMT, CMC
“My usual client has some type of medical problem. I see a lot of sports injuries. Runners, ball players (softball, basketball, volleyball), tennis, etc. Ages vary from 15 to 88, but invariably the client has pulled, twisted, or strained their muscles doing some strenuous activity. Because I am certified in both Medical & Cupping Massage, I can help relieve pain and get the client back into action ASAP. I also use hot stones to help soften tight muscles.
(828) 675-2880
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739
Brenda Haywood, Massage Therapist  in Sunset Beach
“A massage and bodywork therapist located in Sunset Beach, NC offering therapeutic massage to the residents and visitors of the surrounding areas. We provide a nurturing, healing and relaxing environment in which our clients might find a new awareness and respect for their amazing bodies.
(910) 722-1588
Sunset Beach, North Carolina 28468
Diane Stakoe, Massage Therapist  in Raleigh
“I love working with both individuals who have never received massage therapy before, and those who receive it regularly. No two bodies are built alike, therefore, no two massage sessions should be alike. I have a passion for helping people get out of and manage pain in their bodies, using a variety of techniques.
(919) 948-3059
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615
“I have just completed my 26th year as a full time massage therapist, after a career in social work. My emphasis has been in dealing with muscular pain and dysfunction. I have worked with college athletic teams as well as weekend athletes. The same methods help middle aged and older people experiencing muscular discomfort.
(919) 585-4986
Durham, North Carolina 27705
Body Tuning Massage Studio, Massage Therapist  in Apex
“Our bodies are complex systems, which though nervous responses and muscle contractions, alert and protect themselves from stress and injuries. Very often tightened muscles can cause discomfort. The pain we feel, serves as an indicator that something is wrong. Massage therapy is one of the earliest and powerful healing practices that people still use today to treat their bodies. Body Tuning Massage Studio was created to help ease the pain and put the body in a state of deep relaxation, sedating the nervous system while bringing the body into alignment.
(954) 635-5437
Apex, North Carolina 27502
Amy Y Swink, Massage Therapist  in Hickory
“My passion is reducing pain and promoting wellness for my clients. I see pain much like a detective might see a case. I want to search out the problem, work with you to treat it and prevent it from recurring by maintaining your muscle health with routinely scheduled massages. I utilize techniques from Swedish, Deep Tissue massage and other modalities, in conjunction with Trigger Point Therapy to ease those painful areas out with a minimum of discomfort for you during the session. I feel truly honored when you entrust me with the responsibility of your care!
(828) 538-4205
Hickory, North Carolina 28601
“Our ideal clients are those complaining of neck, shoulder and back pain. Posture inbalances and dysfuction are treated with modalities not limited to Deeptissue massage ,Swedisch massage, Posture correction, Jacobson relaxation ,softtissue mobilization and assessment.
(919) 429-8547
Raleigh, North Carolina 27607
Nancy Jo Campbell, LMBT, Massage Therapist  in Raleigh
“I address aches and pains from headaches, postural distortions, sporting and pregnancy strains and discomfort from TMJD. I want to be on your wellness team and be part of your preventative care. Education is a huge part of my practice and I like teaching people how to help themselves. I'll work WITH you in your quest for balance.
(919) 666-2367
Raleigh, North Carolina 27605
Lighthouse Neuromuscular, Inc., Massage Therapist  in Charlotte
“SPORTS MASSAGE is my specialty!! With ASHIATSU MASSAGE you do not need to find a male therapist. I would challenge the strongest male to provide the depth of pressure I can give to GLUTES, HAMSTRINGS and SHOULDERS with my full body pressure. LIke Ariel Yoga, Ashiatsu keeps me fit to serve athletes better! I treat amateurs, elites and Olympian ATHLETES. If I can treat a 340lb man of solid muscle, I can surely treat you, and with greater ease, so don't worry, you are in a safe place at LIGHTHOUSE NEUROMUSCULAR MASSAGE THERAPY. Call/text today at no obligation!
(704) 413-2355
Charlotte, North Carolina 28226
Andrew Levine, Massage Therapist  in Hendersonville
“Have you been under a lot of stress? Are you suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain? If your problems are muscular in nature and you would like to resolve them then you have come to the right place! I can use a single modality or a variety of modalities to address your issues.
(828) 581-4383
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792
Tricia L Hobbs, Massage Therapist  in Charlotte
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Massage Therapist, LMBT, NCMBT, FMT
“Hello and thank you for your interest in massage therapy. From pain relief to relaxation, I tailor each session to the needs and health goals of my patients. Using a blend of the traditional styles of massage, I am able to customize the session to address all of your concerns.
(704) 380-0938
Charlotte, North Carolina 28204
Ray O'Quinn, Massage Therapist  in Raleigh
“I've been working in the field of Advanced BodyWork Sports and Medical Massage Therapies for 20 plus years. My clients are active and busy people who want and expect results from their therapy. The proof of BodyWork Therapies is in the results achieved. I'm a results driven therapist.
(828) 649-6360
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
Angelical Touch Massage Therapy, LLC, Massage Therapist  in Morrisville
“My mission is to offer a relaxing and therapeutic massage, to help your muscles to relax and to release tension, and to facilitate any healing that your body may want to do once it is in a relaxed state. My intention is that after a massage session, you will feel great!
(919) 813-7891
Morrisville, North Carolina 27560
Massage Fusion, Massage Therapist  in Raleigh
“My practice provides relief from stress and muscle tension by offering a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release and Myosfascial Release but also being able to use any one of these disciplines to focus in on resolving the issues you are experiencing.
(919) 351-1881
Raleigh, North Carolina 27605
Sharon Siebert, Massage Therapist  in Wrightsville Beach
“As a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, I work with clients to address their individual needs using an integrated approach to massage nurturing mind, body, and spirit. A client's health issues and expectations will help determine which massage modality will be most beneficial. Massage can be helpful for many health issues including problems sleeping, past and recent injuries, stress relief, low back pain, high blood pressure, or treating headaches and migraines. Through positive touch, I'll facilitate each client’s healing process by listening and observing the body’s rhythms, energy, and compensation patterns.
(910) 294-0993
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 28480

Who can practice massage in North Carolina (NC)?
Most states have licensing requirements that must be met before a practitioner (a 'masseuse' or 'masseur') can use the title 'Massage Therapist', and some states require a license to practice any form of massage. Licensed Massage Therapists in North Carolina (NC) have obtained the highest level of authentication. They must complete academic coursework in anatomy and physiology, as well as on the application of massage and bodywork, business and ethics, and specialized massage techniques. The North Carolina (NC) LMT must then pass a certification exam.
What are the benefits of North Carolina (NC) massage?
Clients use massage in North Carolina (NC) because it relieves pain from muscle aches and sprains, muscle injuries and other causes of pain. It reduces stress and helps clients relax, and can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression by stimulating the release of endorphins and serotonin. Massage therapy in North Carolina (NC) can help prevent fibrosis or scar tissue, increase the flow of lymph, and improve sleep. North Carolina (NC) massage therapy can help rehabilitate sports injuries.
How does massage work?
Massage involves working and acting on the body using pressure from the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, or feet of the massage therapist. The North Carolina (NC) massage therapist focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments, myofacia, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels, or organs of the gastrointestinal system.