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Massage Therapists in Colorado (CO)

Olde Town Bodywork, Massage Therapist  in Longmont
“I am a massage therapist who is truly passionate about the work I do and the meaningful relationships I have with my clients. If you are in pain, have chronic postural issues, injuries, surgeries or you just need space to unwind and recover, my practice can help you do that. My ideal clients are those people who want to learn more about their bodies and work together with their goals so they can have improved quality of life, range of motion and overall health that will last them a lifetime.
(303) 963-9769
Longmont, Colorado 80501
Dembek Massage, Massage Therapist  in Fort Collins
“I primarily work with clients who have chronic neck, shoulder, and low back pain. Do you sit at a computer desk all day, have a long commute to work, or have a very physical job? Using Deep Tissue Massage combined with Neuromuscular Trigger Point work, Cupping Massage, and Myofascial Release techniques I can help get you on your way to better health and out of pain.
(970) 884-3761
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services, Massage Therapist  in Colorado Springs
“Are you, or someone you know, in pain or injured? Have you tried therapies before and didn't get the relief of your dreams? Have you almost given up on any hope of getting your life back?? You're brilliance brought you to the ideal place for help! As a Medical Massage Therapist, I'm specially trained to help not only with the relief of your pain, but also to single out the problem and compensating factors, educate you as to why you have ongoing pain and give you pointers of ways you can help yourself overcome and prevent the pain from recurring!
(719) 387-7069
Diana Hellestrae Marshall, Massage Therapist  in Vail
“If your body could talk, what would it say? Your body is always sending you messages. With a co-creative approach to healing, a session with me will help you to decipher what your body is trying to tell you. It is my hope that together we can bring forward the wisdom of your body and soul to bring you guidance and clarity on how to resolve all that is ailing you and bring you back into a life of balance, grace and flow.
(970) 281-4619
Vail, Colorado 81658
Prana Physical Therapy & Massage, Massage Therapist  in Boulder
“If you're looking to relax, reduce stress, ease muscle tension, feel peaceful and centered, and/or work with a specific injury, you've come to the right place. Before focusing my practice on massage, manual therapy, and yoga, I worked as a physical therapist for over 10 years in a variety of medical settings. I earned my master's in physical therapy from Hahnemann University (now Drexel) in 1986. Recovering from two whiplash injuries led me to explore holistic modalities. I am certified at the professional level in Kripalu Yoga (the yoga of compassion) and am a Reiki Master.
(303) 578-6166
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Emerald Mountain Massage Therapy, Massage Therapist  in Colorado Springs
“A great massage is not a "one size fits all". Each individual is unique and the massage you receive will be specific to your needs. You set the pressure, from deep tissue to light touch.
(719) 694-0632
In Touch Therapies, Massage Therapist  in Longmont
“There isn't really such thing as an "ideal client" that I have found has suited my style of massage. Working with anything from a general Swedish massage to some more preventative or corrective tissue massage, such as Sports or Orthopedic massage, is what I would consider my style of massage. I prefer working with the general public because the style of massage I give could vary greatly from client to client; which goes hand in hand with each person being unique with their own unique needs.
(720) 924-7292
Longmont, Colorado 80501
Colorado Healthy Body, Massage Therapist  in Centennial
“I enjoy combining my knowledge with your talents and making each session cater to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for relaxation, pain management, injury recovery/prevention, or stress management, I enjoy working with you and helping you reach your individual goals. Each massage session is your time; focused around you and your needs.
(303) 569-6305
Centennial, Colorado 80121
Cheryl Lynn Eastburn, Massage Therapist  in Castle Rock
“Massage cannot cure serious or life-threatening medical disorders - but it is a welcome relief from the symptoms of anxiety, tension, depression, insomia, and stress, as well as back pain, headache, muscle pain and some forms of chronic pain. It's also frequently recommended for the treatment of minor sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries. My main goal with every client is to support them whether they are seeking relaxation or relief from a specific injury. My primary practice is located off I-25 near Sky Ridge Medical Center. By appointment only.
(970) 281-5975
Castle Rock, Colorado 80108
Lara Henderson Bodywork, LLC, Massage Therapist  in Niwot
“Massage therapy contains a great many essential elements for assisting you on a track of well-being, and the first is the basic component of touch. For eons of time it is a compassionate touch that has unlocked the patterns held deep within our own DNA, available for self-healing and rebalancing. The basic tenant of touch serves anyone with any aliment, be it physical (back pain), emotional (depression, anxiety), mental (stress) or spiritual (sense of searching, spiritual awakening). I may incorporate many tools including aroma therapy, flower essences, tuning forks, energy balancing and simple breathing to facilitate your session.
(303) 835-3020
Niwot, Colorado 80503
Colorado Body & Soul Massage (Denver), Massage Therapist  in Denver
“If you are looking for a massage therapist with an intuitive touch and advanced certifications in massage, you've come to the right place. I offer Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Sports Massage, and Aromatherapy. I use all-organic lotions and oils, cotton sheets, and the purest essential oils
(917) 521-6269
Denver, Colorado 80211
Clyde E Carper, Massage Therapist  in Westminster
“I treat a lot of people with back and neck pain, chronic pains, and stress symptoms. I do more technical work like Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Fascial release than any other types of massage. I really enjoy working on people that tell me what they'd like to focus on, and then let me do my thing? I like helping people find their way into a more balanced state.
(720) 726-1953
Westminster, Colorado 80031
TLC Medical Massage, Massage Therapist  in Fort Collins
“Pain got you down? Or do you just need to relax, de-stress and re-energize for the coming week? In addition to my full range of massage services, I also offer classes for parents, grandparents and caretakers as well as for massage professionals wishing to continue their education.
(970) 399-1538
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Lisa Parker Massage Therapy, Massage Therapist  in Thornton
“At Lisa Parker Massage Therapy we are very interested in client wellness. Each individual has their own needs and we strive to meet those needs. Whether you are wanting specific deep tissue, reflexology, pre-natal, or just a relaxing Swedish massage we can help you.
(720) 515-8983
Thornton, Colorado 80241
Heavenly Hands-A Healing Touch From Above, Massage Therapist  in Colorado Springs
“Most people don't realize what everyday stress does to your body. Physical and emotional stress can manifest as sore muscles, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain and low back pain. Did you have a car accident or do you work on the computer for hours? Allow me to restore your tired aching muscles? Allow me to release the stress in your life, so you can sleep through the night and make it through your day pain free! I will focus on your individual needs. This your time to be relieved of stress! Contact me and let me help you feel rejuvenated!
(719) 208-4693
Deborah T Singer, Massage Therapist  in Denver
“What I do best is work with each of my clients as the individual that they are! There is absolutely no such thing as a generic massage or a one size fits all experience when it comes to my work! My deepest and most sincere desire is to help my clients "feel" the difference when they get off my massage table!
(303) 910-7574
Denver, Colorado 80231
Advanced Muscular Therapies of Denver, Massage Therapist  in Denver
“Jean-Marc is a highly educated and well-trained massage therapist with impressive credentials and a long list of highly satisfied customers. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Bio-Chemistry and is a graduate from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences of NYC. He continued his training throughout China, Japan and Europe studying the native healing modalities of all these regions, broadening his proficiency in these areas exponentially. He has developed and mastered numerous injury rehabilitation and pain management techniques and using these he has treated and healed everyone from Elite Athletes to accident victims to stay at home Moms and Dads
(303) 835-9708
Denver, Colorado 80222
Sarah Tolve, Massage Therapist  in Boulder
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Massage Therapist, LMT, RYT, CPT
“In my 12 years of experience with bodywork and massage, I feel I have learned one of the most important lessons; compassion for peoples pain. I understand that when someone comes to get a massage they are wanting to "feel better". They may want to decrease physical pain, de-stress mentally or emotionally, they might have low or stuck energy, or simply may need to relax. My different massage techniques have improved all of these ailments over the years with great success. With breath-work, stretching, passive range of motion and promoting stability, I have profoundly affected peoples wellness.
(720) 548-2126
Boulder, Colorado 80305
Living Arts Wellness, Massage Therapist  in Fort Collins
“I offer therapeutic massage in a relaxed and serene environment. My center also offers Traditional Chinese Medicine, colonics, and nutrition education.
(970) 284-3064
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521
Jenny Nickerson, Massage Therapist  in Lakewood
“I am dedicated to healing through therapeutic massage by providing nurturing and empathetic care to the best of my ability in order to meet each person's needs. I specialize in medical massage focusing on pain management using neuromuscular techniques, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Swedish massage, positional release, sports massage and both active and passive range of motion. My clients' ages span from active teens to adults to seniors. The opportunity to help one feel better, whether by decreasing pain or stress, is a gift for which I am grateful.
(720) 924-7213
Lakewood, Colorado 80226

Who can practice massage in Colorado (CO)?
Most states have licensing requirements that must be met before a practitioner (a 'masseuse' or 'masseur') can use the title 'Massage Therapist', and some states require a license to practice any form of massage. Licensed Massage Therapists in Colorado (CO) have obtained the highest level of authentication. They must complete academic coursework in anatomy and physiology, as well as on the application of massage and bodywork, business and ethics, and specialized massage techniques. The Colorado (CO) LMT must then pass a certification exam.
What are the benefits of Colorado (CO) massage?
Clients use massage in Colorado (CO) because it relieves pain from muscle aches and sprains, muscle injuries and other causes of pain. It reduces stress and helps clients relax, and can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression by stimulating the release of endorphins and serotonin. Massage therapy in Colorado (CO) can help prevent fibrosis or scar tissue, increase the flow of lymph, and improve sleep. Colorado (CO) massage therapy can help rehabilitate sports injuries.
How does massage work?
Massage involves working and acting on the body using pressure from the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, or feet of the massage therapist. The Colorado (CO) massage therapist focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments, myofacia, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels, or organs of the gastrointestinal system.