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Massage Therapists in Placer County

Revive Therapy Massage & Myofascial Release, Massage Therapist  in Roseville
“As an RN and CMT, I use holistic bodywork for healing, pain relief and life balance. Myofascial Release (John F. Barnes approach) is used with massage, craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage. Specialties include women's health, sports, surgical support, pregnancy, postpartum, fertility and lymphatic drainage. My work starts when Western medicine doesn't work, Many symptoms or "female problems" that do not respond to medical or surgical treatment successfully respond to treating hidden soft tissue tension. Myofascial release effectively treats physical and emotional healing and is incorporated with each treatment.
(916) 259-3956
Office is near:
Roseville, California 95661
Myofascial Release - Release The Pain, Massage Therapist  in Granite Bay
“You'll get total relaxation & 100% stress free, while releasing pain of your physical, emotional, mental issues. The modalities I use are safe and beneficial for pregnant moms, colicky babies & athletes, automobile or job injury or to the elderly for reducing dementia and pain. Focusing on structural assessments, I use effective, gentle,deep stretching or strengthening to a light energetic touch, in manipulating for improved body alignment, flexibility, strength and the removal of pain. You will notice more energy, clarity and focus while also eliminating pain and dysfunction. View the testimonies at
(916) 459-4719
Office is near:
Granite Bay, California 95746
Jeanette Miller, Massage Therapist  in Colfax
“I practice several modalities, Neuromuscular Therapy, CranioSracio Therapy, deep tissue and of course, the various forms of massage. My focuse is healing, balance and restoration. 'Hot stones' are used to aid this process. Of course, A spa type massage is always available with or without "hot stones." Professional Associations/Memberships: National Membership AMTA; International Membership NCTMB; Neuromuscular & CranioSacral Therapy organization IAHP
(530) 436-5903
Office is near:
Colfax, California 95713
Massage Therapists: 1 to 3

Who can practice massage in Placer County?
Most states have licensing requirements that must be met before a practitioner (a 'masseuse' or 'masseur') can use the title 'Massage Therapist', and some states require a license to practice any form of massage. Licensed Massage Therapists in Placer County have obtained the highest level of authentication. They must complete academic coursework in anatomy and physiology, as well as on the application of massage and bodywork, business and ethics, and specialized massage techniques. The Placer County LMT must then pass a certification exam.
What are the benefits of Placer County massage?
Clients use massage in Placer County because it relieves pain from muscle aches and sprains, muscle injuries and other causes of pain. It reduces stress and helps clients relax, and can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression by stimulating the release of endorphins and serotonin. Massage therapy in Placer County can help prevent fibrosis or scar tissue, increase the flow of lymph, and improve sleep. Placer County massage therapy can help rehabilitate sports injuries.
How does massage work?
Massage involves working and acting on the body using pressure from the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, or feet of the massage therapist. The Placer County massage therapist focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments, myofacia, skin, joints, or other connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels, or organs of the gastrointestinal system.