Massage Therapists in Bay County

"I do outcalls to the home, condo, and vacation location. I provide Swedish massage, which is a relaxing massage. I am trained in deep tissue massage. I am certified in the field of Compassionate Touch,adjunct hands-on complementary approach for those in eldercare, hospice, and palliative care. I am certified in Bamboo-FusionTM. I was trained by Nathalie Cecelia MA43594, the creator of Bamboo Massage Therapy. I have many clients that have fibromyalgia. I have been certified as an Aquatic Practitioner, if interested in this therapy, the use of a pool is needed at your location."
"With over 25 years experience specializing in a variety of diverse healthcare modalities,I believe that I offer a truly unique and always educational program to help my clients successfully manage their own healthcare.I've developed a painless sports massage that not only addresses carpal tunnel,tennis elbow and frozen shoulder but also releases the lower back thru Shiatsu stretching.This is especially helpful for construction/office workers,athletes and housewives.Using Touch For Health Balancing,I can do a "tune up" on your body to give peak performance in all areas of life."
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Panama City, Florida 32405
(850) 564-8742
Massage Therapist, LMT, BCTMB
"I treat people who are looking for relief of pain, tightness and stress. I use Myofascial Release to address restrictions in the fascia (connective tissue). Restrictions in one area can cause pain in other areas. Amazingly, this medical massage treatment works deeper than deep tissue massage without being invasive. How so? The fascia's a continuous web wrapping everything in your body. By skillfully stretching the upper layers of the fascia and holding for the appropriate time frame, the deeper layers of fascia are able to release without the therapist having to press as hard into the tissue."
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Panama City Beach, Florida 32413
(850) 637-8965