Massage Therapists in Ulster County

"I specialize in Specific Deep Tissue Massage, Neuro Muscular therapy and other complimentary modalities including Medical massage to address Stiffness and Long held holding patterns"
Massage Therapist, LMT, CST, BA
"A craniosacral journey with me is a unique blend of physical assessment, energetic work, intuitive insight, and psychological support. My purpose is to facilitate release of physical, mental and emotional holding so that you can fully express who you are meant to be in this world. I am a trained holistic therapist who specializes in traveling with you through life's wounds and discoveries, expanding on the natural urge toward aliveness. I have practiced healing bodywork for over 20 years with advanced clinical training and certification with the Upledger Institute, Milne's Visionary CST and Biodynamic CST with Frankly Sills."
Massage Therapist, LMT
"I have been practicing Massage Therapy since 1990. I was trained at the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida, and received my certification from the New York State Board of Massage Therapy. My work focuses on stress relief, pain management, and full body relaxation. Modalities such as Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, and Deep Swedish Massage are often incorporated in a session to maximize positive results. I welcome people to my practice with the hope that a rewarding and meaningful partnership can be discovered."
"I offer a special Integrative table massage, during which I combine many different modalities to treat each unique individual properly. I draw on various bodywork modalities to create a comprehensive session designed to meet each client's specific needs. Using deeply relaxing Swedish strokes along with invigorating yogic stretching, passive limb movement, acupressure, trigger point therapy, connective tissue therapy, and reflexology, I guide my clients on a journey towards greater awareness of their bodies and balance in their lives. I invite you to discover the benefits of integrative body work."
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Kingston, New York 12401
(845) 724-8171
"Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Have you ever wanted to just let go...and feel better? I can help you... I have been treating conditions like fibromyalgia, MS, TMJ. migraines and stress related tensions for over 7 years. I concentrate on your needs. I can help with post op rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage after medical or cosmetic surgery.. and I specialize in TMJ, pre natal massage and craniosacral therapy. Also as a reiki master and sound and energy healer... I can balance your body during the session for a longer outcome. I also do in home geriatric massage and rehabilitation."
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Highland, New York 12528
(845) 459-0750
"Touch the body * Calm the mind * Heal the spirit. Massage is essential in reducing stress, easing sore muscles, chronic pain, boosting immunity, and much more. A vital part of your well-being, massage can be gentle & relaxing or deep and invigorating. I encourage clients to tell me how they are feeling. With that knowledge I can create a personalized session that draws upon a range of techniques, each used where it is most appropriate. My philosophy is simple: Indulge you with a complete sensory experience and make certain that after your massage you are feeling relaxed! "ONE TECHNIQUE DOES NOT FIT ALL""
Office is near:
Highland, New York 12528
(845) 319-7278