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"Myofascial Release (MFR) is an amazing, very DEEP yet gentle technique that releases pain in a way other types of massage simply cannot. Instead of being a 'quick fix' causing muscles to temporarily relax, MFR will affect deep, profound change in the muscular fascia (connective tissue). Over a series of sessions, treated areas are often completely healed. Pain and soreness from old scar tissue, post-operative scar tissue, auto/work/sports accidents, fibromyalgia, sciatic problems, neck and back issues, exercise soreness, carpel tunnel, postural problems, and chronic stress are best treated with MFR."
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
(770) 913-6764
Massage Therapist, LMT, NMT, NCTMB
"Each massage session is individualized according to your specific therapeutic needs. I implement deep tissue, myofascial, NMT techniques in my clients sessions. These techniques are beneficial for stress reduction and rehabilitation. Sessions are available by appointment. I also provide facials, ionic foot detox, and on-site corporate chair massage."
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
(404) 369-3955
"The spectrum of the services that I provide range from clinical to subtle energy work. My passion is to do bodywork and massage. I am fascinated with the human body and greatly enjoy addressing the needs of my clients, as they present themselves, and getting results that promote health, wellness, healing, and to have the skills and knowledge to do so in a way that is effective, efficient, and straight from the heart. I love what I do and that makes my work great, appreciated and loved by my clients. I look forward to providing you with an excellent service!"
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
(404) 236-6455
"I enjoy bringing my clients to optimum health. Whether it is working with my client to complete a marathon, recover from a soft tissue issue or rebalance the body out of pain &/or disfunction, I feel good about making others feel good. With over 18 years of experience, I am able to know my limits as well as my skills. I am here for you! Please call, text or email me!"
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
(404) 238-7962
"I am a Body worker who specializing in the individual needs of each of my client. I have gained a variety of experience in the functions of the muscular system, though practice and studies. Each of my treatment is client focused to ensure the best result from a treatment."
Atlanta, Georgia 30316
(516) 252-3469
"My mission is to bring a kind of therapeutic massage to clients that encompasses their individual concerns and is effective yet comforting in its delivery. I welcome any challenge your acute or chronic issues may pose to my skills and knowledge as a therapist and pledge to do my best to meet them with the best personalized care available within my scope. Together, we will develop a therapeutic plan, including healthy habits (i.e., stretching routines, ergonomic work/exercise/sleep posturing, home therapies and exercises) that will supplement your sessions and ensure a quick and long-lasting response to treatment."
Atlanta, Georgia 30306
(706) 229-4628
"Cool Waters Massage is an upscale massage firm, catering to Atlanta's elite. We provide services at reasonable price with the most relaxing outcome. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards possible and provide our clients with an atmosphere that is the best. Cool Waters Massage was founded in 2014 and is located in the heart of Atlanta."
Atlanta, Georgia 30363
(844) 205-6702
"My clients range from young millennial professionals with too much stress to A list celebrities. I help the body to release chronic patterns of stress, postural alignment, shoulder pain, post surgical rehabiliation, ROM, and energy body balancing to calm the mind. Utilizing the two offer well rounded more permanant results. If you are ready to get past the chronic stress and discomfort, I am ready to assist you on that journey. No session is ever the same, as you are a unique individual."
Atlanta, Georgia 30354
(678) 616-2354
"Deep Tissue, Sports, NMT, Lymphatic Drainage, Ashiatsu (barefoot) Signature Deep Compression Swedish Massage ***FREE*** 15-30 minutes of yoga assisted stretching with any 60 or 90 minute massage. Experience an extremely effective and relaxing whole body massage which integrates long flowing, gliding, strokes, but with the heavy compression of deep-tissue. Being results driven, Lisa enjoys working with clients to relieve specific orthopedic/sports/stress related issues as well as working with clients who desire the benefits of regular bodywork. With an intuitive touch and therapeutic technique, her primary goal is assisting client's body awareness for optimal integration of health and well-being."
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(770) 313-7271
"The Wellness Sanctuary Inc. is a place where one can come to break free of Musculoskeletal pain. We are very knowledgeable and client focused Therapists who understand the need for "Sanctuary." We would like to assist you on your healing journey. Lymphatic Drainage, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Pain Management etc. Take a look at our website to view our package deals on *LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE*!"
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
(678) 929-4810
"I am a Licensed Massage Therapist who with a combination of aromatherapy, hot stones and hot towels along with the massage technique of your choice we will get you feeling your best. Whether you have a sports injury, fatigue, stress, trouble sleeping, an area or muscle that is bothering you or if you are just looking for complete relaxation I can assist you. I am certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre-natal, Swe-Thai, Thai, NMT, Lymphatic drainage and chair massage. I have over 250 satisfied clients in the Atlanta area as well as working on movie sets."
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
(678) 562-1005
"If you have not looked at trigger point therapy as a way to address your chronic pain, contact me. I offer custom sessions to fit each person's need. For acute pain, my clients often find relief from their pain with one visit. For chronic and ongoing pain, my clients would come in for a longer session, and we will make some major shift. I would prefer you spend more time with me in one session, than having to come back multiple times."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 334-3778
Massage Therapist, CMT, LDT, CDP
"If you believe in the body healing itself with a little guidance, then my skills will assist you in your journey. I take an integrated approach to therapy. A customized treatment plan will be developed to address your specific needs. If you are a current or post cancer treatment patient, post surgery, or experiencing chronic pain, I invite you to call Body of Health and start your road to recovery. I specialize in Lymphatic Drainage,Craniosacral therapy, scar treatment, cancer massage, detoxification and pain management. My wellness therapies include deep tissue, swedish, myofascial release and neuromuscular thereapy."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(678) 658-0924
Massage Therapist, LMT, CST
"Are you looking for bodywork on a deeper level? Do you have physical issues that no one else seems to address? Tired of doctors and pills that aren't working and want a more holistic approach to resolving your health issues? I might be the massage therapist you are looking for. I specialize in Craniosacral Therapy(CST) which is different than massage in that it addresses problems in the body on a central nervous system level. I have personally witnessed the power of Craniosacral therapy as it has helped me recover from spinal damage and post-traumatic stress injury."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 491-8864
"Tri Bodyworks is a group of licensed Sports Massage therapists, dedicated to improving your active lifestyle. Whether your goal is to achieve a personal best in your next event, stay healthy while enjoying your hobby or recreation, or just feel better in your everyday life, we want to help you. We embrace the importance of getting to create long term rapport with you, and believe you should always be valued, never rushed, and given undivided attention during each and every session."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30356
(678) 535-3164
Massage Therapist, NMT, NCETMB, LMT
"Everyone should take time out of their busy lives to reconnect to their true being. Often times, our lives can become overwhelming and stressful. Stress is stored in our bodies and affects the way we carry ourselves and weakens our immune system. By applying academic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology through therapeutic massage, I help your body implement positive and measurable change.Whether your goal is to relax or if you need pain management, I offer a range of sessions and encourage open communication to make sure you are getting the best results possible."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(404) 620-5086
"Massage therapy is one of the quickest, safest and most direct paths to better health and relaxation. Manage and alleviate many uncomfortable conditions and uncover the person you really are. Explore massage therapy for better health and a new perspective."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30339
(770) 337-9426
Massage Therapist, LMT, NMT
"If you have pain, tension or stress, I can help. I specialize in neuromuscular therapeutic massage to deal with pain (back, neck, etc) and symptoms, sports injuries, and chronic conditions to bring you back to optimal health! All sessions are customized to your needs. So if you are an athlete, professional, mom, or retired, I can help you thrive in your lifestyle."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30350
(678) 515-5487
Massage Therapist
"Revolutionizing the medical world one massage at a time, I offer an integrated approach to massage therapy, offering relief of Chronic Pain, Relief of Stress, Injury Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention. I have a vesatile approach to my work manipulating the soft tissue to help alleviate any dysfunctions, stress, or pain."
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Atlanta, Georgia 30301
(404) 461-9224
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Atlanta, Georgia 30316
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