Massage Therapists in Columbia

Massage Therapist, LMT, MMP, CHC
"Massage is simply my passion. I have a love and fascination for human anatomy and physiology, but also think there is nothing quite so rewarding in life as being able to help someone. For these reasons, my primary goal with each client is to provide a massage specifically tailored to his/her physical, mental, and/or emotional needs at the time of the session. Whether it's your first session or your 50th, I always begin with a conversation and brief physical assessment to determine your specific needs and preferences. It's important to remember it's YOUR session."
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
(803) 455-9797
Massage Therapist, NCBTMB, MEd, PhDABD
"For 15 years most of my clients have been hard working individuals who have hurried lifestyles. This makes them more prone to stress and over taxing their bodies. That is where I come in to smooth out the tightened tissues and help them extend their lives free of pain. Whether you need more mobility, flexibility or you want to just relax, I am here for you. My clients run the gamut from professional athletes to the 90 year old grand mother. All of them are living their lives to the fullest with the power of massage therapy."
Columbia, South Carolina 29210
(803) 666-8540
"Samsara ~ Nuturing you through life's continuous flow. I am dedicated to nurturing you through your life process by listening to you & your body. Each treatment is individualized. Addressing old or arising problems as needed. Just as important we will discuss a healthy maintenance plan, combating repetitive uses for preventative measures & as a plan to alleviate chronic pain patterns. My goal is to learn from you each session, readjusting & refocusing treatments according to your needs that day. Whatever it is you are looking for relaxation, therapy or integrated approach giving you both. I look forward to helping you reestablish your bodies natural overall wellness."
Columbia, South Carolina 29204
(803) 240-6514
"Wanda's Health Massage Therapy works with clients by utilizing the ethics of touch. Soothing muscular pain and helping with deep relaxation are the goals for our clients. Treating loss of Range of motion, Arthritis, Sciatica, Deep muscle pain and much more. Our therapist are trained in clinical massage."
Columbia, South Carolina 29210
(803) 636-8435