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Digestive Disorders Massage Therapists in Columbus

William Trotter, Massage Therapist  in Columbus
“I am here to help improve your overall health. Whether you are an athlete or less active, massage will increase your range of motion, improve your sleep, lessen discomfort & add to your well being. Consistent treatments can eliminate chronic conditions & enable your strength to rebound. Massage once or twice a month will improve and maintain your Health!
Digestive Disorders
(646) 362-1312
Columbus, Ohio 43215
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“As a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist I strive to find the origin of your symptoms. Muscular imbalance, postural distortion, injury or overuse can cause musculoskeletal dysfunction. I use the body's built in release mechanisms to restore pain-free function. Through myofascial release, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage I will help to restore your body to optimal health. In addition I also create a warm, nurturing environment for relaxation and Swedish massage. I have 15 years experience and also work part time at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine as an instructor of NMT, musculoskeletal anatomy, massage and anatomical kinesiology.
(614) 383-8996
Columbus, Ohio 43214
Equivita, Massage Therapist  in Columbus
“A massage from an expert EQUIVITA Licensed Massage Therapist differs from the traditional massage because our therapists are trained to provide the right balance between relaxation and therapeutic intervention for each individual. Our Therapists use a wide range of techniques, styles and forms to relieve pain and stress and bring you into a more relaxed state. We have created an environment where you can receive a massage that is tailored to meet your needs. Our goal is to help educate you to make informed decisions about your body and health care needs.
(614) 468-8589
Columbus, Ohio 43212
Cheri Clem, Massage Therapist  in Columbus
“Massage therapy for pain relief, stress reduction and relaxation. Office Hours: Flexible scheduling by appointment only.
(740) 214-6988
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Columbus, Ohio 43085
Nick Ciranni, Massage Therapist  in Columbus
“Shoulder pain, achy back, stiff joints, a crick in the neck? I suggest coming in for a great massage! Massage addresses these and many more ailments. Using hands and hot stones, pain and stress melt away. Long lasting changes can occur with regular massage and proper home care. We explore the many factors for your condition and work together to help you realize your health goals.
(614) 454-4510
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Columbus, Ohio 43215
Divine Touch Massage Therapy, LLC, Massage Therapist  in Columbus
“My purpose is to help people live a healthier more balanced life, by educating you on the benefits of massage therapy in a loving, caring and compassionate way. I have an innate desire to do my very best for you. By greeting, you with a smile, listening to what you have to say and making sure that together we do everything possible to improve you, body, mind and spirit, by praying for you, and finally by applying The Divine Touch Massage and passing on God's blessings to you.
(740) 281-2079
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Columbus, Ohio 43201
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Massage Therapist, RN, MS, LMT
(614) 932-2041
Columbus, Ohio 43214
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Digestive Disorders Massage Therapists
If you're looking for massage for digestive disorders in Columbus or for a Columbus massage therapist for digestive disorders, or a massage digestive disorders Columbus, these massage professionals can help.

Who can practice massage in Columbus?
Most states have licensing requirements that must be met before a practitioner (a 'masseuse' or 'masseur') can use the title 'Massage Therapist', and some states require a license to practice any form of massage. Licensed Massage Therapists in Columbus have obtained the highest level of authentication. They must complete academic coursework in anatomy and physiology, as well as on the application of massage and bodywork, business and ethics, and specialized massage techniques. The Columbus LMT must then pass a certification exam.