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"I strive to bring the most professional care and effective resolution to your health challenges. Among the top conditions that I successfully treat include: acute injuries, such as sprained ankle, hamstring pull, shoulder strain; and chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, piriformis syndrome, TMJ imbalance, and peripheral neuropathy. However, because my main modality balances every system of the body, conditions like gastric reflux and hiatal hernia are successfully addressed; other conditions include asthma, hormone imbalance, infertility, bowel irregularity, migraine headaches, and many others."
Bowen Therapy
Dallas, Texas 75244
(972) 635-4665
"I use a variety of modalities to assist clients in pain management,stress reduction and wellness maintenance. From the avid athlete to the elderly, I incorporate numerous therapeutic massage techniques to address the needs of each individual."
Bowen Therapy
Office is near:
Dallas, Texas 75252
(972) 360-8795
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"I specialize in headaches and migraines, pain management, back and disc problems and stress."
Dallas, Texas 75230
(469) 208-8606
"I specialize in rehabilitative therapies and will use my 20 years of experience in patient care and massage therapy to tailor your session to meet your specific needs. Together, we'll quickly achieve the results you want and get you back on track to a pain-free lifestyle. If you are stressed, hurting or need to reconnect your mind-body-soul, I am the answer to increasing your health and wellness."
Dallas, Texas 75230
(214) 919-5082
"I'm experienced 16 years as a licensed massage therapist, knowledgeable in medical massage as well as spa type of treatments! I treat my clients with all types of muscular pain discomfort, from excessive computer work, headaches, overworked muscles from working out, and lifting weights, as well as low back conditions such as sciatic nerve, spinal stenosis, and general stress relief! Massage Therapy is known as a health benefit, and highly recommended to have a regular massage therapy treatments once a month for good health maintenance!"
Dallas, Texas 75244
(214) 556-5777
"If you are searching for soft hands with a strong touch look no further. I specialize in deep tissue to get out all those pesky knots and tight muscles. However,I can also relax your sore muscles with a soothing Swedish relaxation massage. Each massage is different to address your individual needs. With over 12 years of experience in this field,I have worked with Chiropractors and Holistic healers as well as in the pampering salon environment. My client base varies from stressed out professionals to pro athletes. Whatever your stress might be, just relax and leave it on my table."
Dallas, Texas 75206
(469) 454-8965
"My massage work is a unique blend of physical relaxation, emotional balancing, and spiritual reconnection that leaves you ready to respond to the world again. Twenty seven years of experience and training combine to assure you the best in care. Issues treated include neck and back pain, plantar fasciitis, joint problems, TMJ, pregnancy massage, trigger point muscle work, and repetitive use injuries. I am a Shaklee distributor so I can coach you on diet and nutritional supplements as well as healthy and green home cleaning products, personal care products and weight management."
Dallas, Texas 75214
(214) 771-8976
"I have been licensed in the field of Massage Therapy since 2010. I chose the field of Massage Therapy because I do believe that it is essential to living a healthy life. I have been trained in numerous modalities from Deep Tissue to Hot Stone Therapy. I have the experience to address any concerns that my clients have from back and shoulder pain to general relaxation."
Dallas, Texas 75225
(817) 653-8765
"My mission is to serve people at their heath level through the sharing of a joyful smile, a loving spirit, and a compassionate heart while providing clients with the gift of touch through massage therapy and bodywork."
Dallas, Texas 75230
(469) 275-4022
"I specialize in treating the following: frozen shoulder, herniated disc, arthritis, pain in the neck & shoulders, hip degeneration, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, chronic or acute conditions (common or uncommon), & body maintenance treatment. Healing a body is all about understanding how the body functions & finding the root of the problem. The basic principal of treating any syndrome is to stimulate the body's natural healing process, promote blood supply & energy flow to the injured area using accupressure, manipulation, massage & energy work. For more info, visit my website at"
Dallas, Texas 75230
(469) 544-1115
"23 years experence. General Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Swedish or Relaxing Massage - $60 hr. or $30 for 1/2 hour. Facial Toning Massage - $60. Lomi Lomi Massage - $80 hr. Reflexology - $60 hr. Sports Massage - $60 hr. OUTCALLS - I come to you with massage table - $100 hr. COUPLES MASSAGE - two therapists, two tables - $200 hr."
Dallas, Texas 75240
(214) 724-1441
Massage Therapist, LMT, Owner
"I use a variety of specialized techniques in my practice to help a wide range of clients with their health and wellness management. From athletes to office workers, of all ages, I incorporate many techniques in each session to fulfill the specific needs of each individual client."
Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 272-2032
Massage Therapist, LMT, CST-D, NCTMB
"My wellness oriented therapies are ideally suited to those interested in enhancing health and well-being, increasing natural vitality and reducing the stress caused by chronic pain from its many origins."
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Dallas, Texas 75231
(469) 672-4307
Massage Therapist, LMT, CPhT
"Our philosophy is exactly stated in our name. We promote bring the body back into balance by developing a wellness plan suited to each individual's needs. "I use a variety of modalities to assist clients in pain management, stress reduction and wellness maintenance. From the avid sports enthusiast to the elderly, I incorporate numerous therapeutic massage techniques to address the needs of each individual."
Office is near:
Dallas, Texas 75206
(214) 736-5065
Massage Therapist, LMT, CMLDT, AMTA
"In my long career (1991-present)I have given thousands of massages & taken many hours of advanced education. Deep relaxation & natural pain relief are my focus. I believe painful massage is counterproductive & injurious, so have specialized in subtle, yet powerful skills; MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE THERAPY (MLD)and ONCOLOGY MASSAGE. My ideal client understands that massage needn't be painful to be effective. MY PRACTICE IS CURRENTLY LIMITED TO THOSE REQUIRING LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE AND/OR ONCOLOGY MASSAGE, such as post-op plastic surgery, lymphedema, those currently with cancer and cancer survivors."
Office is near:
Dallas, Texas 75238
(214) 919-5814
"I am an experienced and extensively trained certified massage therapist. My private practice includes a wide variety of professionals who rely on my skills to achieve and maintain physical comfort. Each session is individually designed for the benefit of the client. To obtain optimal results, I often combine a variety of modalities including Swedish Massage, Reiki, Hot Stones and a Trager-influenced approach to encourage a sense of well-being in body, mind, spirit."
Office is near:
Dallas, Texas 75230
(214) 390-9680
"Anyone needing Lymphatic massage: especially post liposuction surgery clients? One client said I was rated #1 Top Ten Plano Massage Therapists 6/14. He was out of pain when he left.I have 18 years experience. Description: 1 hr. session includes: Reflexology on feet, chi machine, infrared, 50 min. body work flush in proper cycle (R. lymph groin, L. lymph groin,abdomen, L. thoracic duct (breast tissue also), R. thoracic duct (breast tissue).Use flat of my fingers. Comfortable table w/ extra padding, breast cups, arm rest, heat if desired. Work all scar tissue in all directions.Drainage,circulation wonderful."
Office is near:
Dallas, Texas 75230
(972) 734-1005
"CORRECTING & TREATING WHAT OTHERS CANNOT!! Post Laser & cosmetic surgeries, I rid scar tissue, & lymphatic swelling. Have sciatic nerve pain, car whip-lash, herniated disks, pre & post surgeries, frozen joints, feet problems, breast tissue drainage, computer stress, carpal tunnel, neck, shoulders, low back pain? Olympics/ millionaire clients, both, say;"it is the best one of a kind, thorough massage I have ever had." I use Medical Massage (whole spine cranial /sacral body work, all 31 pairs of spinal nerves). I have 18 years experience. You can expect 50-80-100% release in the first visit. Call for free consult!"
Office is near:
Dallas, Texas 75229
(972) 810-7663