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"I eliminate chronic pain with medical massage in Las Vegas. Sciatic pain relief as well as eliminate cervical neck pain and overall chronic pain in Las Vegas using myofascial release, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy and deep tissue massage. I am your solution for upper back pain relief and low back pain relief in Las Vegas. One of the best deals in Las Vegas which includes a FREE 30 minute postural assessment that doesn't cut into your actual massage time. I also perform EFT Tapping in Las Vegas for chronic physical pain relief and emotional trauma relief."
Trigger Point Therapy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 425-3057
"Comfort and relief is just a phone call away. There are few practitioners that can provide relief from pain or discomfort as well as i can. You have nothing to loose. You pay nothing if you are unsatisfied. Very affordable, and very comfortable. Call now. 702-793-6765"
Trigger Point Therapy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
(702) 930-8203
"Therapie specializes in massage for post mastectomy, augmentation and breast reduction surgeries. Treatments lessen pain, relieve anxiety, reduce swelling (lymphedema) and restore range of motion. Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Massage Cupping treatments are also beneficial post-liposuction surgery. Therapie is a comfortable place to relax, de-stress, address pain, injury or emotional trauma, or simply to enjoy a pampering spa treatment. As you don't need the same massage at the end of a long week at the office as you do after running a 5K, we listen to you and design a session best suited to your individual needs."
Trigger Point Therapy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
(702) 830-4982
"Have you recently had a car accident, you're experiencing pain in your neck and you can't keep up with your daily routine? Intensive, real massage therapy to make a change in your muscle tissue to start healing and rejuvenation. With the technology (infrared sauna, ultrasound, radiofriquency, hot and cold) medical, sports massage I treat many medical conditions of today society and improve your health."
Trigger Point Therapy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
(702) 712-4111
"I specialize in Therapeutic Massage, blending all of the techniques I've learned over the last 10 years into your session). The session is tailored to your specific needs each visit. I also offer ACE MediCuppingTM that is extremely helpful in reducing scar tissue after injury or surgery, lymphatic drainage, tissue restrictions whether they are newly acquired or have been with you for years, and much more. It is a deep massage that most client's refer to as "very relaxing"!"
Trigger Point Therapy
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
(702) 430-6577
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Massage Therapist, LMT, CNP, CNHP
"I have been in private Clinical Practice 17+ years with extensive work with whiplash, injury treatment, pain management, digestive issues and Pre/postnatal work. As a Certified Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Natural Health Practitioner, I focus on results and balancing body chemistry. Specializing in specific nutritional and wellness programs, from simple lifestyle transitions to complete healing protocols, detoxification programs are available and I can guide you through your journey toward health with availability of daily support and guidance. Positive results found here."
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
(702) 761-3966
"Massage Therapy offers a wide variety of benefits including stress reduction, increased circulation and mobility,quicker recovering time from work outs, better sleep quality and reduction in pain. I believe Massage Therapy, along with a healthy diet and excercise, is an important component of a healthy lifestyle."
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Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
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