Massage Therapists in Panama City

"I do outcalls to the home, condo, and vacation location. I provide Swedish massage, which is a relaxing massage. I am trained in deep tissue massage. I am certified in the field of Compassionate Touch,adjunct hands-on complementary approach for those in eldercare, hospice, and palliative care. I am certified in Bamboo-FusionTM. I was trained by Nathalie Cecelia MA43594, the creator of Bamboo Massage Therapy. I have many clients that have fibromyalgia. I have been certified as an Aquatic Practitioner, if interested in this therapy, the use of a pool is needed at your location."
Panama City, Florida 32401
(850) 424-1947
"With over 25 years experience specializing in a variety of diverse healthcare modalities,I believe that I offer a truly unique and always educational program to help my clients successfully manage their own healthcare.I've developed a painless sports massage that not only addresses carpal tunnel,tennis elbow and frozen shoulder but also releases the lower back thru Shiatsu stretching.This is especially helpful for construction/office workers,athletes and housewives.Using Touch For Health Balancing,I can do a "tune up" on your body to give peak performance in all areas of life."
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Panama City, Florida 32405
(850) 564-8742