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"You'll get total relaxation & 100% stress free, while releasing pain of your physical, emotional, mental issues. The modalities I use are safe and beneficial for pregnant moms, colicky babies & athletes, automobile or job injury or to the elderly for reducing dementia and pain. Focusing on structural assessments, I use effective, gentle,deep stretching or strengthening to a light energetic touch, in manipulating for improved body alignment, flexibility, strength and the removal of pain. You will notice more energy, clarity and focus while also eliminating pain and dysfunction. View the testimonies at"
Myofascial Release
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"As an RN and CMT, I use holistic bodywork for healing, pain relief and life balance. Myofascial Release (John F. Barnes approach) is used with massage, craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage. Specialties include women's health, sports, surgical support, pregnancy, postpartum, fertility and lymphatic drainage. My work starts when Western medicine doesn't work, Many symptoms or "female problems" that do not respond to medical or surgical treatment successfully respond to treating hidden soft tissue tension. Myofascial release effectively treats physical and emotional healing and is incorporated with each treatment."
Myofascial Release
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"Anahata (pronounced "ah-naw-ha-ta") is a Sanskrit word meaning "unhurt, un-struck and unbeaten", refers to the 4th main chakra, or heart center, in the yogic tradition and is the seat balance within the body. The heart chakra is associated with the element of air also the sense of touch. The hands are closely connected with the heart chakra. A kind touch given out in a friendly manner is a sign of love and compassion. Massage is a great way to express love given through the hands from an open and balanced heart chakra."
Myofascial Release
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